Quickly send group invitations by text (SMS) to any phone and track replies with ease.

Introducing InviteWiz, the cool new app for Android.

Great for organising parties, meetings, sports, club events,
catching up with friends and more.

No account setup required – works straight from your phone!

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  • Create group events and send invitations via text message (SMS) to selected recipients and groups
  • Personalize messages through token expansion: %f = first name, %n = nick/first name
  • No limit on the number of attendees
  • Automatically tally replies from incoming text messages
  • Send invites to any phone or device that can receive text messages. (Recipients do NOT require the app or even an Android phone.)
  • Send invites in any language thanks to fully customizable SMS content
  • Customizable dictionary for smart reply handling
  • Manually set replies when necessary (eg. when a reply is received by voice instead of text)
  • Edit events and send updated invitations
  • Intuitive, polished UI
  • Powerful contact search & group selection functionality
  • Create custom contact groups
  • Robust messaging and notification system
  • Reusable templates for fast creation of similar or recurring events (requires InviteWiz PRO)
  • Record additional guests accompanying invited contacts (requires InviteWiz PRO)
  • Send summary messages that list confirmed and tentative attendees (requires InviteWiz PRO)


  • Works on all Android phones and SMS-capable tablets running Android 2.1 or later